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Sowing and Reaping

I have made a very strong case on this blog as to why the Iraqi dinar cannot possibly revalue. Those who cannot see it at this point are probably the ones who don’t want to see it. This may be because they are over leveraged. They went way overboard on this so-called investment. They don’t want to believe that there will be no revalue because if they accept that, then the next logical conclusion is they will lose all hope for their current situation. The dinar may serve as their only hope for what may appear to be a way out.

Throughout the course of this roller coaster ride known as the dinar there have been many people lying through their teeth. The agenda was simple. These people were making money off of a gullible public who knew nothing about economics. Their goal was to trick people into believing in a massive revalue of Iraq’s currency.

The money from this scam was made several different ways. Money was made through commissions and kickbacks from various dealers. Money was also made through VIP programs and newsletters. It was also made through forums and websites. Money was also made through group conference calls that these guys hosted. All of this hype about the dinar was spread through these programs. It just so happens that spreading the hype became profitable.

These guys became known as Gurus because they presented their research and themselves as being all-knowing about the currency. There were those such as myself and others that actually believed in the investment and thought it was genuine. We also did our fair share of research. The only problem was my research was based on how currency actually works. I would have saved a lot of time and heart ache if I focused on the lies being told rather than trying to understand economics in general. I should have verified everything being said. Not everyone doing research was a Guru. The Gurus were these larger than life characters who seem to have all the answers. Later on many of these guys were exposed through a website known as dinar douchebags.

dinarThose who over leveraged and thought they would get rich quick followed everything these Gurus said, and they accepted all the lies as though it was the gospel truth. It did not matter what facts you put up. Facing the truth also meant facing reality. This was just too painful and scary for some people. No one was going to get rich except the dealers and the Gurus.

One such person/guru was a man by the name of TNT Tony, AKA Anthony Renfrow. This guy said a lot of things that were just false and he had no way to back up his claims. He gathered together a huge following. He had a campaign that most people remember as “we are the people, release the RV”! This cry which came from him and his followers on twitter resulted in an article produced and written by the BBC. This did not stop new sheeple from following him, and this get rich quick scheme still began to gain some momentum because of this release the RV campaign.

Now it seems that judgement has finally come for TNT tony. Before the dinar scam Tony was involved in something called 14 Daily Plus. Check the link below

Here are links where you will find the government’s indictment against Renfrow–12-cr-20041/USA_v._Renfrow_et_al/1/

The quotes below are from the indictment

“12. During the period from in or about March 2006, to in or about May 2007, in the District of Kansas and elsewhere, RENFROW and FOX, together with each other and others, both known and unknown to the Grand Jury, knowingly devised a scheme to defraud individuals to join as “investors,” and to obtain money and property by means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises made to individuals to convince them to join

13. It was part of the scheme to defraud and to obtain money and property by” means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and in furtherance of it, that the defendants knowingly and intentionally engaged in and caused the following activities:

a. Recruited individuals to become investors in, when in truth and in fact there was no investment vehicle;

b. Enticed purported investors with the promise of a 14% daily return on the purported investment, when in truth and in fact such a return was completely unrealistic;

c. Falsely promised a return on the purported investment to be realized by merely clicking on certain web pages for a limited amount of time each day;

d. Recruited additional “investors” used as the basis for the individuals to receive the “return” on the original “investment,” when in truth and in fact no such returns were made to the “investors”;

e. Solicited “investment” funds to be paid in cash up to $9,000, which made the tracing of funds more difficult and avoided currency transaction reporting requirements;

f. Regularly conducted conference calls via telephone and Internet for recruitment of new “investors” and conveying assurances of the program, when in truth and in fact, these were utilized to lull the individuals into believing the program was a legitimate investment vehicle; and

g. Promised returns on the “investments” despite having no secured method to process payment of the investment returns.

During the course of this indictment many people stood up for Renfrow. Over the course of several conference calls various people said, “Leave Tony alone, let him have his day in court. We should not judge him until we see the outcome.” It was believed by some that Tony would be vindicated. Meanwhile this was used as an excuse to spread his lies and present this false information as “intel”! This only served to promote false hope within the dinar community and gain new investors. While some people were on to him, others defended him.

Well as it turns out, Renfrow had his day in court. Instead of fighting it as some had claimed, he actually admitted guilt. He entered into a plea agreement which was filed on May 21st 2015. This plea agreement is only for one count of the indictment. You can download a copy of this agreement by clicking on the link below

Let’s read some quotes from the plea agreement

Judgement and Sentence

By entering into this plea agreement, the defendant admits to knowingly committing this offense, and to being guilty of this offense. The defendant agrees to plead guilty by May 21, 2015. The defendant understands that the maximum sentence which may be imposed as to Count I to which the defendant has agreed to plead guilty is not more than twenty years of imprisonment, a $250,000 fine, three years of supervised release, restitution as determined by the Court, forfeiture, and a $ 100 mandatory special assessment. The United States agrees to move to dismiss the remaining counts of the indictment at the time of sentencing.

This means that the rest of the charges are dismissed

2. Forfeiture of Assets: The defendant agrees to the imposition of forfeiture judgment against him in the amount of $ I .676 million which sum represents proceeds obtained through the scheme charged in Count l.

The Plea agreement also says

The “investors” were recruited through these ploys and encouraged to either deposit their “investment” into one of the defendant’s accounts with Bank of America or wire-transfer funds into the defendant’s account. alliteratively, codefendant Fox encouraged “investors” to provide him with cash. At least six “investors” provided approximately $195,000 cash to codefendant Fox as part of this scheme. At least twelve investors deposited or wire-transferred approximately $170,000 into the defendant’s bank accounts, and the defendant then used the funds for personal expenditures with multiple monetary transactions involving proceeds of the wire fraud in excess of$10,000. At least 202 “investor” victims have been identified, who lost approximately $ I .676 million.

The parties propose, as an appropriate disposition of the case, a sentence of not greater than 1 year and 1 day in prison on count 1; three years of supervised release; no fine; restitution as determined by the Court; forfeiture judgment of $ I .676 million; and the mandatory special assessment of $100.

So it looks like tony will also get a year of jail time. People take dinar advice from this guy? He is one of the so-called experts? Maybe we can now safely add falsely claiming a revalue of the Iraqi dinar to his defraud list of charges. We will wait and see if this actually happens as he has yet to answer for any of his dinar pumping.

These are just some of the many types of experts you will find in the dinar community. This investment goes against all logic and reason. For this reason people cling to conspiracy theories such as the Global Currency Reset or GCR.

While there are obvious problems with the dollar, America’s dollar is not going to crash while every other over inflated fiat currency that is backed by the dollar soars in value overnight! This is just too ludicrous to even imagine. If people want to know my opinion and see the research on the GCR, then you can read various posts throughout this site. If you want to know the research in even more detail with all the resources to back it up, then you can get my book from Amazon.

06 GCR-mockup6

If you want to know even more information about Tony’s Plea agreement then download the agreement and read it for yourself. You can also click the following link.


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Will Iraq Revalue Their Currency This Year?

Recently I spoke with my good friend Jerry Robinson about the Iraqi dinar and the Global Currency Reset. For those who don’t know, Jerry runs a Website/Media company called Follow The Money. They offer investment strategies and many of these strategies are available in a lot of area’s of finance. Help maintain debt or learn some of the best ways to invest money.

As this site is designed to explain the Iraqi Dinar so-called Investment, Jerry’s site is designed to take everything a step further regarding currencies and investments. His book called “Bankruptcy of Our Nation” is a fantastic read. This book is very insightful and I highly recommend it. Watch the interview here.

Jerry has a weekly podcast and he interviews many interesting guests. He has even interviewed Ron Paul a few weeks back. I listen to his weekly Podcast and I think you would also enjoy it. You can also listen to past shows too. Here is a link

Follow The Money Podcasts

Biblical Views And World Economics

Back in 2011 I started a blog called Biblical Views and World Economics or BVAWE. The purpose of this site was to reveal more about How real economics work. It needed to be restructured with a modern theme. and it need a lot of other work. I closed the site down in 2013 and one of the reasons for this was the fact that I did not have the time to put into this site. I was spread way to thin and this was more of a hobby site for me.

Now things have changed. I reopened the site. I added a new look and I restructured all the data to the site. To my surprise the site still has 97 subscribers. There is a wealth of new data on the site. There is a lot of economic history. The biblical aspect will deal with what the bible says about economics and the history of economics in the bible. (not tithing)

This is important because it was the study of economics that led me to the belief that the dinar would not revalue. When ever I posted that data over here on Iraq Currency Watch I would get complaints from people who just wanted to learn more about the dinar. They did not want to be bothered with the things that they believed had nothing to do with the dinar.

So in response I started BVAWE in 2011 as a place to put other financial data that had nothing to do with the dinar. After all, Iraq Currency Watch was a blog dedicated to the Iraqi dinar and my readers had a valid point. It was the current data found on BVAWE that ultimately debunked the dinar investment in my mind. It was learning how money actually worked that led me to the conclusion that a revalue of the Iraqi currency the way the gurus claimed would be impossible!

So I have sections of this site back up and the site is totally remodled. Many areas are still under construction. This is now more of a website with an attached blog. The sections that are up and available for view are,

Monetary History


The Blog Portion Of The Site

I would like to take this time to personally thank all my subscribers and all the people who have read this site over the years. You have inspired me to do what I do and you have encouraged me to dive in and research things to deeper depths that I would not have otherwise done on my own. Thank You for subscribing and reading Iraq Currency Watch and Biblical Views and World Economics!


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Crockaganda Returns

In the last post we took a long hard look at our current financial system. Many problems with this system were uncovered and many things about this system should be addressed. Special Thanks to Mike Maloney! Now I want to look at some of the predictions that gold and silver people are making and I want to compare them with dinar predictions made by gurus.

In the last post we looked at video 4 of Mike Maloney’s video series called Hidden Secrets of Money. As I said earlier, I have nothing but the greatest respect for mr. Maloney. I may disagree with him on certain things, but I think he is doing a good service by exposing the corrupted system. Now I would like to take a look at video 3. Check it out!

Death of The Dollar Standard

Now that you have seen this video let me say that there are many parts I disagree with. I won’t be able to go into detail on everything in this one blog post, but I will try to cover the important points. I disagree with Mr Maloney on a few of his death nail dollar events, so I will start there.

1. Nixon takes us off the gold standard. This is not a dollar death nail. If Nixon did not do this then the dollar would surely die and it would have died quickly. President Nixon really had no choice. After we were removed from the Bretton woods system in 1971, the Nixon administration sets up the Petro-Dollar System which actually had the effect of prolonging the dollar’s life span.

Mike says that a monetary system stays in effect and has a life span of 30 to 40 years. He is right on this point. Our current system has been around since august of 1971. Our current system is about 44 years old and it is still pretty strong. The Petro-Dollar is one reason why this global system is still strong.

2. Iraq sells oil using euros. Yes it is true that Iraq switched to selling oil in euros back in 2000. The reason for this was due to the fact that Iraq has been under sanctions for many years and it could not get access to the international trade it needed. We are left with the impression that Iraq sells it’s oil in euros because it wanted to.

The Truth of the matter is when the United States Invaded Iraq in 2003 they switch back to selling oil in dollars. It is also important to note that almost all of Iraq’s reserves that are used to back the dinar are U.S. dollars. In addition to this the dollar is in circulation in Iraq along with the dinar. The people of Iraq conduct exchange using the dollar! This is hardly a death nail. Iraq has two currencies that the people use. One is the dinar and the other is the dollar. The people of Iraq prefer the dollar. The American troops left Iraq by the end of 2012 and today Iraq still sells it’s oil in dollars. Iraq is not trying to use something other than the dollar!

Iraq is not the only nation to do this. Several countries around the world allow its citizens to use the dollar in addition to their own currency as a means of exchange!

So this is not simply a matter of the dollar being used as a reserve or that the dollar is used exclusively to buy oil. The dollar is also used as a monetary unit and a medium of exchange not only by countries, but by people all around the world!

3. Many of the nails that are attributed to Iran have the same problems. Iran has been under sanctions for sometime which explains a lot of what they have done. The sanctions are a direct result of their nuclear program. I will comment more on that in another post.

Iran has just recently smuggled 1 billion worth of U.S. bank notes into its country through Turkey. This hardly sounds like death nails to the U.S.dollar to me.This article is dated Feb 2015

These sources said at least $1 billion in US bank notes had been smuggled into Iran in recent months, with the Iranian central bank playing an important role. Three Western diplomatic sources and three Iranian government officials, who all declined to be identified citing the sensitivity of the issue, said Tehran had been working on ways to obtain dollars since March last year.

Iranian and Western diplomatic sources said as much as $500 million in cash was funneled to Iran through traders in Iraq. An Iraqi government financial adviser told Reuters that Iraq was a major source of dollars for Iran, but the Iraqi government had this year begun to restrict the central bank’s dollar sales to private banks and traders in an attempt to control the flow of dollars out of the country.

The sanctions placed upon Iran has created a dollar shortage. Iran had to do some of those so-called death nails because it does not have enough dollars to begin with. It is also important to note that Iraq has been spending some of its reserve currency. I was under the impression that the currency was being spent on government operations. Now I am finding out that some of that money ended up in Iran. That is interesting to say the least!

 4. Another death nail to the dollar seems to be that china is buying gold. I am going to share the same link I used in the original Crockaganda post, here it is

If using a Wikipedia link bothers you just scroll to the bottom and look at the links where they are getting their data. Click on those links to access all the official sites and get the exact same data. I say this because I get email and some comments from people who don’t like using Wikipedia as a source for anything. Not even general knowledge.

So like I said, if that bothers you click on the many links at the bottom of the Wikipedia page and get your data that way. Now lets look at the numbers. This is the total gold supply and the number is 171,300 tonnes

(Source: United States Geological Survey)
Location Gold holdings
(in tonnes)
Share of total
world gold holdings
Total 171,300 100%
Jewellery 84,300 49.2%
Investment (bars, coins) 33,000 19.26%
Central banks 29,500 17.2%
Industrial 20,800 12.14%
Unaccounted 3,700 2.2%

Notice that the total gold supply is 171,300 tons. Out of that only 17.2 percent is in central banks backing currency. This amounts to 29,500 tonnes. Also notice that 20,800 Tonnes is used for industrial purposes. That’s right, gold is used in industry. It is used in the manufacturing of electronics. China has been buying a lot of gold and they have been buying a lot of silver. The reason for this is because China is now the number one manufacture in the world. They need these metals for industry. Electronics require gold and silver. That is why china is buying the stuff. This is a lot different then claiming that China is buying gold for their reserves! The fact of the matter is China’s gold reserves that are used to back their currency have not adjusted!

But…..Shhhhhhhhhh. It’s a secret….CHINA IS BUYING GOLD

That’s no secret! In 2013, the country of China produced 420 tonnes of gold and consumed 840 tonnes thus importing 420 tonnes. All this gold went to industrial use. If you scroll up on the Wikipedia link you will discover that China still only has 1,054.1 Tonnes of gold in their reserves and this accounts for only 1 percent of china’s reserves. The rest of china’s wealth is paper. In fact, most of the wealth associated with the BRICS nations are again paper. U.S. dollars to the tune of about 4 trillion back the BRICS Nations currency!

Later Mr. Maloney stated that maybe one day we will see a gold backed renminbi. That would be a neat trick considering the fact that China has over 120 trillion Yuan in circulation! Compare that to the U.S. dollar which is 11.5 trillion! Even if you want to say the U.S. dollar is double that figure China still has over 5 times as much renminbi/yuan in circulation!

5. Mr. Maloney stated that if you use the dollar in Zambia you can get thrown in Jail and he is right.

The truth is that people refuse to use their own country’s currency because they don’t trust it. When someone makes a major purchase in Zambia today they pay all cash and they don’t use local cash. They pay in U.S. dollars! People use the U.S. dollar in Zambia because the kwacha is a terrible currency! Now using the U.S. dollar has become illegal because they are trying to force their citizens to use their currency. It is not because the U.S. dollar is weakening! It is because the U.S. dollar is too strong! They outlaw its use! Here is yet another analysis

6. Another nail in the dollar standard’s coffin seems to be that Ecuador repatriated its gold. In fact several nails seem to be related to repatriation. This again is true, but it is not the whole story.

Gold repatriation refers to the plans from various governments to bring back their gold. This gold originally belongs to them but it is stored outside their home country. Much of this gold is stored at the Federal Reserve. This does not change the global numbers for gold. These countries started asking for their gold back as a result of the 2008 melt down.

Mike mentions Ecuador repatriation. Ecuador removed their currency from circulation in 2000. Since that time the U.S. dollar has been the only currency in circulation in Ecuador. The same is true for Zimbabwe’s dollar. Hyper-inflation destroyed Zimbabwe and they only use the U.S. dollar. The Government officials in Ecuador say that there are no plans to replace the dollar. This is because the dollar has been the only thing to provide stability in the region. People will need to trust Ecuador’s currency before they stop using the dollar. Given its history that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

Basically these countries are getting gold back which already belongs to them in the first place. They are not getting more gold! It is simply not being stored in America anymore. This should have happened after Bretten Woods ended! I don’t think I would personally make the claim that these are death nails to the dollar standard. I think that is reaching a bit, but it certainly is worthy of observation.

By the way, there are other countries that use the dollar as their official currency because they don’t have a stable currency of their own. Their citizens use the dollar for exchange. Some of these countries are Bahamas, Belize (Belize dollar always = 50¢ US) Bermuda, Cambodia, (official currency in major cities) Cayman Islands, (Cayman dollar always = $1.20 US) East Timor, Federated States of Micronesia, (South Pacific) Marshall Islands, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, (OECS dollar always = 37¢ US) Palau, and Panama.

7. Mike Mentions a new SUCRE System to replace the SWIFT system. He makes a point to say that Iran was banned from using the SWIFT System when they tried to sell oil in euros. He says that other countries are developing a new system called SUCRE. Here is more information on the SUCRE system and SUCRE currency that mike mentions,

SUCRE is set up to be a regional currency like the euro and will possibly have its own medium of exchange. If it is successful it will be a regional currency in Latin America much like the euro. I find it highly unlikely that Iran will use a Latin American system to conduct oil sales. Especially if those Latin American countries are competing with Iran for the same oil sales! But you never know, anything can happen. Even though SUCRE is in its Infant stages it may become a viable system. I highly doubt that it will replace the SWIFT system that the global economy now uses. At the very least that won’t happen anytime in the near future.

Other Points In The Video

There are many other points in this video I would like to address, but I simply don’t have the time or the space in one blog post. My reason for talking about the points made for gold is due to the fact that dinar gurus claim the dollar is weak and it is getting weaker! Now gurus make the claim that their must be a new financial system on the horizon. This will result in a Global Currency Reset. The claim is the dollar will be weaker and the dinar will be stronger.

For evidence to prove their point they are robbing all the talking points from gold and silver merchants and presenting that as their evidence of a revalue in an effort to sell more dinar! The real problem here is if the dollar were ever to really collapse as they claim, then many countries around the world would be in big trouble including The BRICS Nations and Iraq. The Euro would soon follow and every other currency would collapse as a result.

 The Dollar Is Strong

It is true that gold surged after 2008. This was due to the uncertainty in the dollar. Mike Maloney is right! When people lose faith in the dollar they go running to gold every time. Something unexpected happened after the global meltdown of 2008. The dollar actually strengthened. Everyone was afraid that the dollar would weaken but it got stronger in spite of Q.E. The other point is that there are really no good alternatives to the dollar.

The truth is…..

The dollar had its best year in over a decade in 2014

Even in spite of a stronger dollar and in spite of all the evidence we are constantly hearing about a new monetary system, or a coming dollar crash. We are constantly being told that a global currency reset will happen overnight! We are constantly being told by these dinar gurus how weak the dollar is and how great the dinar is. We are constantly being bombarded with propaganda and a crock of… well you know! lets just say Crockaganda

Let’s be clear, I am not accusing Mike Maloney of propaganda. In fact even though our opinions are slightly different on smaller matters our main viewpoint is not that far apart. I actually have silver and I actually have gold, I plan on buying a little more over time. My accusations are directed to the dinar gurus that rob his talking points and claim that 89 to 91 trillion dinar are magically going to revalue to a new value greater than the global economic system itself! They take some truth and mix it with their lies. This is absurd! It is high time these gurus stop professing that the dinar will gain value due to a coming global currency reset!

All the information in this post can be found in my book, The Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset

06 GCR-mockup6

You see in end Mike Maloney is right. This current economic system cannot possibly be sustained over time. One day it will all come crashing down as our politicians continue to kick the can down the road. It could very well be that this system will be replaced before that happens. either way gold may surge again in the process. Gold or silver is an asset that should be in your portfolio and right now it is cheap to acquire.

Where mr. Maloney and I part ways is our belief in the time frame for all this to happen. Mike thinks we are going to get a new monetary system very soon. His time frame is before this decade is out. This would mean in the next 5 years. I believe it is further down the road. I think the dollar has at the very minimum another 10 years. and at the max 30 to 40 years. What gold will do in the meantime is anyone’s guess.

Of course a lot of factors could change this. War or an unraveling of our relations with allies like Israel may speed up the process as even more money will be printed and used for defense.

In the last part of the video there was a discussion about a new economic system. What will it look like? How will it be structured? Well this is just a guess on my part, but it may look something like this

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.That number is 666.  -Revelation 13:15-18 NIV

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Sometimes it seems as though everyone lies. I would like to write about this with a wider topic margin but for now I want to focus on currencies, gold, and silver. There is something called a half lie. A half lie is a distortion of truth. Sometimes it is a part of the truth left untold. This causes you to draw certain conclusions. Mixing truth with a lie makes the lie seem more plausible and believable.

Some people are not lying, yet they continue to give out wrong information. The reason for this is because they actually believe what they are saying. They based their viewpoint on wrong information. When someone believes what they are saying and that information is wrong they are not lying, they are just misinformed. I have been guilty of this myself on occasion. In fact, everyone has! It does not matter if someone has wrong information and it does not matter if they are flat-out lying to you. In either case it all adds up to crockaganda!

Gold and Silver

With that in mind I would like to take some time and talk about gold and silver and how this relates to the dinar. Dinar gurus seem to be taking a page from certain gold and silver bugs in an effort to prove that the currency is going to revalue soon. The video below is made by people I respect. Mike Maloney did a great job explaining how the system works. I think everyone should see his work. I start with Video 4 because it explains how the system works. Everything he says is accurate.

Even though Mr. Maloney revealed the system there are some things he left out. This is a complicated system to understand and people go to Universities for years just to get a basic understanding. Some of this stuff may be addressed in some of his other videos but I will still share a few things in an attempt to provide deeper meaning. You would reach certain conclusions unless you knew the truth. Now I will take some time and explain some of the things left unsaid.

1. We are left with the impression that the dollar is basically nothing more than a bunch of numbers. We are told by some gold and silver merchants that the dollar is not backed by anything at all. That is not the case. In fact, about 71.6 percent of the dollar is backed by gold that belongs to the United States. The dollar is no longer redeemable in gold, but that does not mean that there is no gold that backs the dollar.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds 540,000 Gold bars alone. This is not counting the other locations. In fact, the United States has 8,133.5 tons of gold to back their currency. That means that 70.6 percent of U.S, currency is backed by gold alone. bonds make up the rest. The U.S. has the most gold to back their currency. It does not belong to the Federal Reserve, it belongs to the U.S!

Check these links for further proof

 2. We are told that the definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply. This is not true. Increasing the money supply is one of the causes inflation but it is not the textbook definition of inflation. The textbook definition of inflation means an ongoing fall in the overall purchasing power of the monetary unit. Inflation means a sustained increase in the aggregate or general price level in an economy. Inflation means there is an increase in the cost of living.

Increasing the money supply is not the only cause of inflation! There are other causes of inflation. If it cost more to produce goods or services then the price of those goods and services are passed on to consumers. An example of this can be found in the cost of fuel. When oil prices went up in 2008 to about 149.00 a barrel the result was higher gas prices. That in turn resulted in higher food prices because it cost more to bring those goods to market. The cost was passed on to consumers and we had a decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar which was sustained for quite a while. This is in spite of the fact that huge amounts of debt was erased from the books thus causing a decrease in the global dollar supply.

Another cause of inflation is supply and demand. When demand for goods rise and supply cannot keep up, that causes inflation. An example of this can be found in 2003 through 2007. The cost of housing skyrocketed due to increased demand. Laws were passed to allow anyone the ability to buy a house. Mix that with predatory lending and the end result was a big increase in the demand for housing. The market expanded greatly during this time. After the 2008 meltdown, demand for housing dropped and so did the price of housing.

It is true that there was a housing bubble and that was attributed to the problems in the industry. Never the less, that bubble caused an increased demand for housing which forced the prices up and builders could not build them fast enough. The materials used to build those houses also went up in cost and that was passed on to the consumer.

My only real point here is that the money supply is not the only cause of inflation and inflation does not always translate to an increase in the money supply!

3. It was said in this video that the founding fathers made sure that gold and silver was the only thing that could be used for money. They put it in the constitution because they knew the dangers that are involved with a central bank.

First and foremost the founding fathers actually did write that in the constitution, but it was not because they knew of the dangers that are involved when a central bank is thrown into the mix. America has had 2 central banks before the Federal Reserve. Our first bank was actually signed into law by George Washington himself! It had a 20 year charter. After it expired the charter was not renewed. After the war of 1812 America started another central bank to help finance and pay for the war. The same politicians that would not renew the charter of the first central bank started this one because of the debt America accumulated as a result of the war.

The picture on the left is a picture of America’s first central bank

Check out these links for further proof

America.s Second Central Bank

So how does all this relate to the dinar?

This relates to the dinar because gurus are copying the points that gold and silver salesmen make and they are using those points as the reason why the currency must revalue. It is Amazing how close some of their arguments are! This is why I wrote the book called The Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset. The purpose of this book is to expose all the hype and to tell you what is really happening with the GCR. All of the above information including the information found in mikes video can be found in that book.

In the end Mike Maloney is right about a lot of things. I may not agree with absolutely everything in his presentation, but he has a great way of showing you how the current system really works. He exposes it for what it truly is! I respect his work and I like his videos. I am not a big fan of the Federal Reserve and some fundamental changes are desperately needed.

06 GCR-mockup6

If you want even more details get my book. The Truth About The Coming Global Currency reset is available at your local eBook retailer. It is Available on iBooks and Amazon


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Hand Writing On The Wall

While there are still some who speculate on the dinar, its fate could not be more certain. I came to my conclusion a few years back. I stopped following the dinar because of other things going on in my life. I devoted a lot of time to my music. I developed a brand new website and I am getting ready to release an album. I wrote all the music for this album and all the guitar parts are done only using nylon string guitars. I also wrote a book about music that will be available soon. So as you can see I have been busy.

It has been a while since I looked at the dinar. I have been out of touch for a while, but yesterday I had a little time on my hands. I began to poke around to see if there was anything new going on. I went to the CBI website and pulled the numbers. I looked at a few other things. I was not aware of everything that is going on with this currency, but the few hours I spent looking into it yesterday was enlightening to say the least.

For starters the central bank is pulling all 50 dinar notes out of circulation and declaring them invalid. Everyone has 2 months to exchange their notes. The trade in period starts on March 1st 2015 and goes until into April 30th 2015. After that time period expires the notes are invalid. These notes are only worth about 4 cents each. There are many people who got lower denominations here in the United States because they were told by the gurus that they would be more secure and more valuable than the larger notes after the RV.

Is this a prelude for what is to come? Even if all dinar dealers were to offer a way to trade in the notes that are higher in value, (which I highly doubt) what guarantees are there that they could provide this service during the allotted trade in period?  If you want to trade in all your 50 dinar notes then gather them together and head over to Iraq. You now got less than 2 months to get this done. After you accomplish this I hope you enjoy your new-found ummm……wealth?……

I hope that people now begin to see the absurdity of the revalue. I hope that through the removal of the 50 dinar notes they begin to see how hard it would be to exchange these notes. I have said this all along. Check the link for more info.

In other Dinar related news Sam I am is closing up shop. He is moving on to bigger and better things. Dinar Douchebags is closing down. Sam was always a straight shooter and I am sad to see what has become probably the best dinar site on the internet close down. I understand the need to move on with life. So I wish Sam the very best in his new adventures and I want to thank him for his relentless pursuit of truth.

One of the great things about Sam’s site was not only the articles that he posted but also the people who commented on his site. There were many educated readers that also backed Sam and provided even more proof for the things he uncovered. People like Brian and JRG always had a way to cut through the bull and present a logical case. I have always had the greatest respect for the people over there.

So hats off to Dinar Douchebags and their readers and a toast to all of you for your relentless pursuit of truth!

What’s Going On?

Well with all this new found information I decided to do a little digging. The first thing I did was to get the latest numbers from the CBI. I downloaded the statistics document and gave it a quick look. It was very revealing. I am about to show you something using the CBI’s own numbers. This is what I found,

According to line 79 (the money outside of banks in circulation) there has been some drastic changes! take a look,

Oct 35,381           Nov 34,682           Dec 35,378          Jan 35,623

The numbers above are in trillions. So for October the CBI had 35 trillion 381 billion outside of the bank in circulation. This is a time period from October of 2014 to Jan of 2015. Now look at November. That is roughly a 700 billion dinar reduction. I have been following the dinar since 2010 and there is only one other time when I have seen a drastic reduction like this. And that is when Maliki tried to take over the CBI and the whole thing resulted in Shabibi leaving the CBI. That was back in 2012. What is going on over there? It gets better,

Look at these numbers from 2014. All numbers are in trillions.

Line 86 M1 money supply  Oct 71,179       Nov 70,182          Dec 72,651

Line 87 M2 money supply  Oct 88,964       Nov 88,007          Dec 91,704

It seems that there was a drastic and sudden reduction in the dinar in November of 2014. Their M1 was reduced by almost 1 trillion dinar! What would cause such an event?

Here is another piece to the puzzle. The CBI’s reserves are shrinking! Check out this IMF document for proof.

I am going to quote from this document

“The recent collapse in world oil prices has added to the tensions caused by the ISIS insurgency and is complicating efforts to deal with it. With oil export revenues accounting for more than 90 percent of total government revenues, Iraq has always been highly vulnerable to oil price volatility. Falling oil prices are already reducing government revenues”

Here is another quote

“international reserves have fallen from over $77 billion at end-2013 to about $67 billion at end-November due to the combination of lower oil revenues and relatively high imports, particularly by the government. These figures exclude the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) which was created in 2003 mainly to funnel Iraq’s oil revenues and serve the function of a fiscal buffer. The DFI was already down to $6.5 billion at end-2013, and declined further to about $4 billion in November.”


The combination of falling oil prices and ISIS has hit Iraq hard. So much so that Iraq is now tapping into their currency reserves. The impact of falling oil prices and ISIS has forced Iraq’s hand. They are now spending some of the reserve money used to back their currency! Their reserves have about a 10 billion dollar reduction!

I knew that falling oil prices were having a global impact. Russia, Iran, ISIS, and Iraq were all affected. Now I am looking at the evidence. Iraq is having money problems. Their revenues have decreased due to falling oil prices. They had to cut their budget and rethink some things. I suspect that things came to head in November of 2014 and some adjustments were made.

Moving on

As I continued digging around I found that there are several rumors that Iraq is still going to go ahead with the 50,000 dinar note. I could not find any proof to verify this. This was mainly rumors that circulated in forums. We all know how reliable those are!

I also found a lot of people saying that there is a dinar shortage of sorts. It is hard to get dinar from the dealers and there is a waiting period. Once again, we all know how reliable rumors are!

So I did a quick search on eBay and I found over 9,000 auctions all from individuals selling dinar. I remember the days when there were a few hundred auctions selling dinar. Now people are trying to unload the stuff. I found one auction that was even trying to sell the 50 dinar notes. The guy wanted 69 cents for each note. This guy was going to get his RV one way or another!

Final Conclusion

If the dinar is truly hard to get from the dealers then that means that the dealers are not buying back large quantities and they don’t want to hold a large supply of dinar. They only want enough to meet current sale demands. If this is even true you got to ask yourself what do the dealers know that we don’t know? Once again this could all be just rumors

This part is fact. Right now money is tight in Iraq. They are suffering from a shortage of US dollars due to the falling oil prices. Now they are tapping into their reserves. (check the IMF link) They have a policy of covering the dinar 100 percent with U.S. reserves, but now according to some sources there seems to be a shortage of reserves by about as much as 10 billion! I am not so sure the number is that high but there is a significant reduction.

This means one of two things. First they are going to change their policy and not cover the dinar with reserves 100 percent, or second they are going to go ahead with a redenomination sometime this year. My guess would be in the middle of summer or by the end of September.

If Iraq does release a 50,000 dinar note like some of the rumors say then there won’t be a redenomination and they are going to change their policy to reflect the reduction of reserves. If I were to place a bet then my money would be on the redenomination. This course of action would help Iraq strengthen their currency which is something they desperately need at the moment. The truth is no one knows for sure what Iraq is going to do.

If Iraq does redenominate then expect a short trade in period. There may be a few dealers that will try to cash in on this, but in the end there are no guarantees! Could this be the reason dealers are not buying as much dinar back as they use to? Could this be the reason there are over 9,000 dinar auctions on eBay? No one knows

This whole dinar ride may be over soon. It may all end by the end of the year! Yes my conclusions does have a lot of speculation based on some of the rumors. Only one thing is for certain. This dinar ride has made me sick! It is time for me to go throw up now. If you have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach don’t ignore it! There still may be time to get out.


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The Truth About The Global Currency Reset

01gcrvidI really have been sick and tired of all the fear mongering. Everyone seems to be using fear to sell gold, silver, newsletters, food supplies, and yes, even dinars. The typical sales pitch goes something like this. The world is going to end and the dollar is going to be worthless so buy my products and protect yourself against the coming calamity.

Just today I was on face book and I saw an ad from some group that said something like this. Don’t rejoice over the falling gas prices. The last time gas prices were this low was during the 2008 meltdown. This information was put out there to imply that there is another calamity around the corner. You needed to get their information to help prepare for what was on the horizon. I don’t even know what these people were selling.

The truth is this information is wrong. Soaring gas prices accelerated the 2008 meltdown. In January of 2007 oil was a little over 49 dollars a barrel. Prices broke 50 dollars that year and got up over 70 dollars a barrel. This is when the housing market started to show cracks. Oil prices accelerated in 2008 and by June the price peaked at over 149 dollars a barrel. By this time, the meltdown was in full swing. In September the market crashed and as a result oil fell to under 36.00 a barrel. As of this writing oil is a little over 49.00 a barrel.

Yet someone is using the low gas prices in the autumn of 2008 to spark fear so people will buy their worthless products. This is my biggest grip with the Global Currency Reset. There are so many different definitions and scenarios that the subject can really be confusing. I can’t even enjoy low gas prices without someone attempting to scare the crap out of me with their wrong geo-political analysis. While I have my own theories as to why gas prices are this low, many people are being scared needlessly just so that scammers can hock their worthless products!

So in an attempt to provide some sort of sanity, I wrote a book that deals with the fear mongering. This book is available on Amazon and soon it will be available at every eBook retailer’s site. It is called “The Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset”

06 GCR-mockup6From information I received from many who preach this coming reset I assembled a timeline. I made a video about this timeline and uploaded it to you tube. According to the many things I have read, the historic past of currency is part of the reason for this coming reset. For this reason I lined up every event that I could think of so people can see the first part of the timeline that will be part of the GCR event.

You can read the first chapter of the book for free at Smashwords. Click on the Online reader. Here is the link.

You can buy the book at Smashwords or Amazon. Here is the link

While this book deals with the global currency reset it also covers many other conspiracy theories regarding money. We learn a great deal about America’s monetary history. We also get a basic understanding of how money and economics work. Even though the dinar is not the main theme of this book, there is one chapter that gives the historic background for the dinar. The dinar is also mentioned in a few other chapters. There is a complete analysis regarding this currency and many others.

The object and purpose of this book is to deal directly with all the fear mongering. It is my hope that those who are living in bondage due to wild conspiracy theories will be set free once they understand the truth.


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The Iraqi Dinar Scam

The Iraqi Dinar Scam

There comes a time when the facts are gathered and weighed in the balance. Opinions become validated or invalidated by the facts that support your point of view. I have said that the Iraqi dinar is a scam. Many people have disagreed with me. Now it seems that the state of Oklahoma has issued a warning regarding this currency back in 2012.

“Oklahoma residents have been offered unsubstantiated claims for extraordinary returns on Iraqi Dinar investments. High pressure sales techniques are used when offering the investment including stating this is a time sensitive investment that requires immediate action. The majority of these investments result in the Oklahoma investor’s complete loss of principal.”

“Irving L. Faught, Administrator of the Commission urges investors to learn the warning signs of investment fraud and independently verify any investment opportunity as well as the background of the person and company offering the investment. The Commission provides detailed background information about those who sell securities or give investment advice, as well as whether the products being offered are registered transactions. Visit the Commission website,, to check out the registration of a broker-dealer, investment adviser or investment products.”

Washington State issued a similar warning in 2011 part of which says,

“Several websites have recently begun advertising investment opportunities in Iraqi Dinars, the currency of Iraq. These websites are asking the consumers to send a check, wire, money order, or pay cash upon delivery of the Dinars. What consumers are not told is that the Dinars can be redeemed only in Iraq, as most of the established currency exchange houses and banking institutions cannot convert the Dinar to US dollars. Since no exchange exists for the Iraqi Dinar, dealers can charge whatever they want to sell and buy back the Dinars.”

Banks stopped selling the dinar at the beginning of 2011 following Wells Fargo’s purchase of foreign currency exchange in Ireland. Now the only place left to purchase the dinar is directly from the dealers. Forbes even calls this investment a Scam

There is a lot more evidence posted throughout this blog that shows that any investment in this currency is indeed a scam. Yet that does not seem to matter. Many people are willing to use emotion and hope to hold on to something that is not real in order to face tough times. Many people who invested are down on their luck. This investment seems to be their last hope and they become emotionally attached. You can’t use logic and reason with people who did not use logic and reason to arrive at their point of view.

Forbes even calls out investors for not being transparent

What can be done for the people who invested in this worthless paper?

As I have said in the past, I believe that if Iraq does redenominate that the dealers would vanish. They would be gone. I caught heat from many people for this point of view. My reasoning was due to the legal process. I reasoned that many people would figure out that they were taken advantage of. If the dealers began to get a lot of lawsuits, they would just close up shop and vanish. I think legally they would be held liable in both criminal and civil cases. This would be their motivation.

I have read on some forums were people have physically threatened those who sell dinar if they found out they were lying. So all this would provide the motive for the dealers to close shop. Now it seems that information has been collected for class action lawsuits against dealers and forums alike. If you are stuck holding dinar or if you took a loss you can now join the class action process. If the lawyers get enough people to sign up they will pursue the case. Here is a link to sign up.

For more information about this visit this link

By now most government agencies are calling this a scam and you have a right to file a complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

People send me many stories about their experience with the dinar. This investment has caused more divorces and broken homes then I can count. Usually a spouse gets carried away with the get rich quick promises and believes the dinar is a sure thing. They tend to go overboard and sell everything they can get their hands on just to buy even more dinar. Why do people believe the dinar is a sure thing? They get this impression from different forums on the internet. Apparently, this link above is seeking information about dinar forums too.

So if you have been a victim of the Iraqi dinar investment you can now file a complaint and register to take part in a class action civil law suit. If you have not invested in the dinar but suffered the consequences from a family member investing in the dinar I would encourage you to tell your story as well. Was the Iraqi dinar the reason for your divorce? You would be surprised at just how many marriages were broken up as a result of a spouse going off the deep end! You can even use the form on this site to tell me your story as well. everything is kept confidential and I don’t sell or share any information. Many people have told me their story and that action has encouraged me to keep this site going. here is the link.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Book Update

Progress is being made on the book. It is finished and the cover is done. The final proofreading is almost complete. After that the copyright process starts. I will keep you posted as I get closer to release. Although the focus of this book is not the dinar it is used as an example to explain a few things. There is a whole chapter dedicated to the dinar and it is mentioned throughout the last part of the book.




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